Customer Reviews

2019-09-11 19:04:03
Just like I expected beautiful soft flexible small for me but this is exactly what I wanted small and perfect!!!!! Thank you so much!! Suction cup is off the chain!!! You can definitely rely on the suction cup when you don’t want to use your hands ... Compared to other dildos that I have purchased this is the best one that I have purchased and it’s only my fifth time !!
2019-09-11 19:07:01
I call it my best friend now lol, am I a psycho??? I actually ENJOYED using this, it’s SO soft! Almost too soft! But as long as you have someone using it that knows what they’re doing, it gets the job done! ;) I’m not a fan of super hard toys, such a turn off and painful so this gets 5 stars automatically because it’s so soft!! No lube needed, I’ve never been a fan of lube since I feel as though I am wet enough. Don’t hesitate to purchase this, it’s not expensive at ALL and it’s so worth the fun!! You won’t be disappointed, trust me! Bye bye Adam & Eve, hellllooo Paloqueth! ;)
2019-09-04 19:28:11
At 5" insertable and 1 1/4" thick, it's just the right size for a realistic feel. Soft, smooth and bendable. Not sticky. No odor. Suction is great. What's best for me is that it's compatible with universal strap-on harnesses, which is what I bought it for, as you can see in my photos. Great buy!
2019-08-14 19:30:47
Fantastic not to big not to small.
2019-08-22 19:31:20
I ordered this for my wife for....well for reasons
2019-08-14 19:32:31
The suction cup on this thing does not play. I bought it for my husband (gay couple), First thing he did was take it to the wall. And it hung there for quite some time. It doesn’t smell super chemically, and that’s really nice. If feels very durable, and it’s really soft to the touch. It’s firm enough to hold his posture when penetrating, it’s an overall fun toy.
2019-09-02 19:33:16
I can't stress just how FAST this came in, I was like, astounded. Not to mention the packaging was SUPER discreet and sleek, and I'm more than pleased/ impressed with this. As far as the dildo goes, it's so cute and soft?? It even has some slight give for those who are tighter so it's quite amazing all around. And it's not even giant, it's perfect size! 10/10
2019-09-05 19:34:16
I am a straight curious guy... Just recently, I started to enjoy anal play, and this is my first man's dildo.. Hahaha.... My penis looks almost exactly similar to this dildo from the girth to the length. Maybe mines is a bit longer bone press... I am surprised it has more than 1000 positive reviews... This is definitely an average size penis and realistic size from girth to length and feels really good in the hands.. It just proves that woman or men prefer this size to anything else.. To the woman or whatever that says it's too small... Maybe your vagina is too big hahahhahaahahahaha... It is definitely not small.. I would say 80 percent of men has this size maybe a bit smaller I don't know.

Realistic Dildo Rabbit Vibrator

price: $99.90

Vividly shaped with veining and glans penis,as close to the real thing as it gets.Strong Thrusting dildo vibrator moves back and forth, mimicking the rhythms of real love making, give you strong stimulation and pleasure love feeling.


 Odor free, completely safe, liquid silicone is similar as human skin and hygienic. Resistance to high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius or more than.  

 Randomly wash body and fully USB charging via Laptop/PC, wall charger, car charger, power bank, or AC adaptor for charge. The vibrator will last working for 70 minutes or more after recharging time 2 hours.

 One key orgasm, strong vibrating frequency with dual powerful mute motors and stretch up and draw down strongly inside meet your various levels of sexual requirements.

 Similar Men's realistic penis curves and lines. Perfectly fit the inner wall of vagina, bring full friction and stimulation. 8 Frequencies ,total length-8.5 inch, insert able length-6.5 inch, width diameter-1.8 inch, perfectly to stimulate female G-spot.

8.5''(L)*1.8''(W); ( insertable length 6.5'')